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Located in south Florida, Covenant Centre International is established and empowered by God to glorify Him and make fully devoted followers of Jesus who facilitate the growth of grace and truth in all. (Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 28:16-20; John 1:14).

Love God, Love Others, Grow Up, Share Your Faith

Our goal is spiritual development that is demonstrated by right living in the Kingdom that further develops the Kingdom of God.


  • Jesus is the Head of the Church.  He has entrusted His ministry to the Holy Spirit who empowers us to do His ministry.

  • We are a congregation empowered by the Holy Spirit.

  • Prayer is foundational.

  • Be politically, socially, and spiritually aware and alert.

  • Innovation and creativity (Holy Spirit activity) best occurs in an atmosphere of freedom, tolerance, diversity, curiosity, trust and prayer.

  • More than not, every problem has multiple solutions.  It is our responsibility to select the appropriate one.

  • We must continue to have fresh ideas implemented in a spirit of excellence, grace, and reliability.

  • We are a team ministry where relationships are a priority.

  • We are stewards of the ministry, not owners even though we use the terminology of moving people into ownership of what God is doing.

  • In seasons of change and transition we adhere to the anchors of our faith.

  • We are conservative in our theology and broad in our applications.

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9153 Roan Ln,

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

South Florida